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Randall ended up marrying Mary Hawkins—the fiance of his brother Alex—in the episode "Hail Mary." He did this after plenty of convincing from Claire and Alex. Claire wanted Randall to marry Mary because if he didn't, her future husband Frank wouldn't exist. Frank was a descendant of Black Jack Randall.

Jun 25, 2016 · And when Alex dies and Black Jack starts wailing on him, oh my God, it was some crazy stuff." While filming, both Balfe and Day had no idea that Menzies was going to play that violent moment to costantino wrote:It didn't seem like Alex Randall had any of his brother's tendencies or even that he showed any clues of ever being molested by his brother.The whole scene of him being sick in the end and asking Jack to marry Mary because she was pregnant was all tenderness. Jun 25, 2016 · Since the series premiere, we’ve been told that Black Jack Randall is Frank’s ancestor, by none other than historian-extraordinaire Frank himself. Black Jack’s brother, Alex, in exchange Jun 22, 2015 · A new Randall is expected to appear in "Outlander" season 2. The Wrap exclusively revealed that actor Laurence Dobiesz has been tapped by Starz network to portray the role of Alex Randall. He is the younger brother of the ruthless villain Black Jack Randall, played by Tobias Menzies. According to the report, Alex and Jack are polar opposites. Sep 11, 2017 · Randall’s dead body is entwined with Jamie’s because, as the pair finally made good on two seasons worth of enmity, Outlander cleverly shot their final confrontation is an almost sexual pas de

Dec 11, 2015 · The brutal sexual assault of Jamie by Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) played out in discomfiting detail on screen. It was the season’s darkest scene, by a long shot, but Heughan believes it

Alex Randall unexpectedly became a beloved character thanks to his romantic storyline with Mary Hawkins. Despite being sick with consumption, the two fell in love and married quickly, though their happiness was short-lived. When Alex was on his deathbed, he asked his older brother, Jack Randall, to marry his wife as she was pregnant. The only downside to Black Jack Randall dying on Outlander is the loss of Tobias Menzies being able to so skillfully portray this twisted character. Yet, Menzies time on Outlander isn't over yet 25 Jun 2016 Shortly before Alex died, Claire witnessed Mary and Black Jack's rushed that he gave Menzies free reign in how to portray Black Jack's moment of rage for season two, Menzies couldn't wait to finally get

3 Feb 2021 There she meets Captain Jack Randall, one of Frank's ancestors, plus In the 18th century, Claire winds up married to James Alexander 

25 Apr 2015 As Jamie was being whipped, Randall asked if she'd prefer to go into the house and offer him a better form of “Give over to me, make free of your body and there will be no second flogging. “Ever since father di James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is a Scottish soldier and These events take place after Captain Jack Randall arrested Jamie and Brian Fraser  Posts about Black Jack Randall written by AKissAtMidnight. please run away and maybe check out our Outlander page HERE for some spoiler-free fun. Tagged action, alex randall, am reading, am watching, amazon, amreading, author,&nb

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to a couple of interesting ones: To wit, Black Jack Randall is not a homosexual. prisoner at Fort William (who we don't hear about in the show) named Alex.